DJI Wind 1: Is this DJI’s new Industrial wind resistant and rain proof drone?

With a lot of speculation on what DJI’s next drone is going to be, it seems like we have finally have more details on what this next drone is going to be. Designed for the Industrial & security world, DJI’s next drone is likely to be the DJI Wind 1. A drone capable of flying in wind speeds up to 39 – 49 km/h(!) or 21 – 26 knots(!) and is rain proof according to giving the DJI Wind 1 the ability to fly through the rain.

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Depending on the camera layout and battery type used, flight times can be up to 31 minutes with either a Zenmuse X3, Z3 or XT making it outlast the DJI Phantom 4 and DJI Inspire 1 by quite a few minutes.

The DJI Wind 1 can achieve these flight times thanks to the use of 2 batteries during flight, which are either the TB47D’s or TB48D’s. It features a Max take-off weight of 6000g with the body coming in at 4040g with TB47D batteries, giving it a max payload of 1960g.

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Due to its ability to fly in heavy wind and rain, the design for the DJI Wind 1 is very similar to the Matric 100 and has a very rigid build consisting of carbon tubes, a square central box to house all the electronics and rainproof customised E1200 motors. With a total wingspan of 740mm, it is just a bit bigger than the Matrice 100 which has a wingspan of 650mm.

The DJI Wind 1 seems to be designed specifically for the industrial and security markets, especially with the newly released Zenmuse Z3 which features zoom capabilities.

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The DJI Wind 1 is currently exclusively being sold by for €9.950,- which includes two batteries and a hardshell case.

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There is no mention of it on DJI’s website or even speculation of this drone which leads me to believe it might be announced in September during the IFA in Berlin. It’s surprising to see DJI has chosen one dealer to start selling the DJI Wind 1.

I’ve contacted for a comment and will update as soon as I hear back from them.

[update 21 aug 2016 13:27 – while did respond to my message, they are not able to comment on how they got this exclusive with DJI due to competition and were unable to confirm if the DJI Wind 1 is being announced at IFA in berlin.]

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